Expectations & Guidelines

  1. Be on time!!
  2. Be respectful to your peers and computers!
  3. Raise hands for permission to get up or ask a question
  4. No food or drinks in computer classroom
  5. Don't switch seats without permission


  1.  Warning
  2. Points deducted
  3. Clean up the computer lab
  4. Parents notified
  5. Change of Schedule
  6. Administrative action

Tardies to Class

- Done quarterly/Starts new each quarter

Student arrives 1st period after the 8:00 bell and before 8:10:

1st Tardy - Warning

2nd Tardy - Warning

3rd Tardy - Detention/Consequence with you and Parent Phone Call

4th Tardy - Detention/Consequence with you

5th Tardy - Office Referral and Parent Phone Call

6th Tardy - Office Referral

7th Tardy - Office Referral 

Mr. Meholick Room 2107
Phone: (937) 542-6817
e-mail: jameholi@dps.k12.oh.us

Grading Scale

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